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Seriously! You clicked on legal?

Bottom line - these images are covered by copyright law, they legally belong to someone, i.e. not you...

You get a license from us to download them for personal use by buying a membership (the licence agreement).

If you make commercial gain we send people to come and find you and do legal things to you.

You give them away to others who didn't pay, we send people who will follow you and stare at you and make you feel uncomfortable.

If you disagree and you don't like these rules then the computer virus we downloaded while you read this will explode.

If you respect a reasonable and moral code in life and pay membership money it means that we can hire more models and we will give you

more images of godesses that will make you fall to your knees and cry!


All the models were over eighteen years of age on the day the images were captured, do you think we're mad! We're not taking any risks with that subject!

No proof of age, no shoot; paperwork in a big cupboard out the back...

Thanks for listening, now go back to the rest of the website and look at the most beautiful thing that exists in the universe - the infinite female curves...


(no computer viruses were downloaded to explode, apparently we're not supposed to joke about that...)







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